Dr. Yousrey El-Sharkawi

Dr. Yousrey El-Sharkawi

The idea of establishing the company came based on accumulative experience in a variety of the most important investment sectors formed over more than 30 years of local and international experience in more than 53 Arab, African, Asian and European countries

  • Dr. Yousrey El Sharkawi is germane and specialized in managing different business sectors, team works starting from strategic planning , supervising implementation, operating and establishing emerging projects in various volumes of investment, reviewing, evaluating for Investments and economy performance in a way which ensures the correctness of operations & achievements.
  • Identifying different investment markets and studying global competitiveness in all different investment sectors
  • Identifying the best investment markets and how to activate and manage successful investments, this has been used to a diverse range of investors and investments of the country since 2011 up to the present moment.
  • Determining best investment markets and how to activate and manage successful investments which has been used for a variety of investors and investments in the country from 2011 to the present.
  • International business Investment consultant & Economic Development Export.
  • Chairman  & MD for H.O.C Group.

       – H O C enews

       – H o c houseofconsultancy

       – H o c communication

  • Chief of the board of directors for Egyptian for development innovation Association.
  • International Business Consultant with wide commercial experience in 50 countries, 210 capital and cities around the world.
  • Media Interviewer & Guest and speaker in Arab & international audiovisual channels at the fields of economy, business & strategic planning projects, International and global.
  • Chairman- Egyptian African Businessmen Association
  • Strategic Planning consultant for Food Security, Ministry of Environment and Water, United Arab Emirates.