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Cosa Park

Quality of a new life

Cosa Park Residence established on 110 thousand square meters consists of seven towers and green spaces of 70 thousand square meters. Cosa Park offers quality of new life, containing the first lake in Turkey can be entered into through "Optimist Academy for Sailing.

Commercial stores in distinguish locations

There are 105 shops surround Pkuza Park waiting for shopping lovers who enjoy shopping on the outdoors. Hundreds of shops outstanding under your hands where you can shop any time you wish. In COISE Park, have fun shopping next doors.

Cafes and restaurants

All your favorites' restaurants and cafes just one minute away.

Special life

No doubt, the idea of livening in this stunning park will be wonderful especially on the banks of the great lake located in the city center.

In each block, you will be welcomed in a wonderful reception designed to make you feel the luxury from the first moment in, as if you entered into a five- stars hotel owned to you.

The project offers many Residence Services such as private car parking service, laundry etc. … for a very special treat.

Thanks to the underground parking, you will not even see any single car in places to live.

Here you will have the life you deserve. Make every day a weekend.

Accessible lake

When you open your door that overlooking the wonderful lake the incredible sparkling water will colure your day giving you a fresh start. The lake extended to 30 thousand square meters characterized by special pier and sandy area in front of each block and a private place for sunbathing on the terrace to enjoy the lake as you please. The lake water always in turquoise so it constitutes a pleasant sight to sight in the city center.

While living on the banks of the lake in the center of the city, cannot stay without practice water sports. You can tempt the different types of water sports such as water skiing, sailing, and water slides that available in the entire season.

To increase your enjoyment there is a special dock for boats of Optimist Club which contain all types of appropriate technical equipment for all ages to train and teach how to skiing and operate boats as a professional on the water.

In Cosa Park, you will have a beautiful and a rare kind of life. Where you can go to your neighbors by swimming in the lake, which located in the center of Cosa Park, talk a tour by boat before going to work, in addition to the possibility of walk when you first get out of the house on the track strolling along 2 km in between the magnolia and oak trees. We pretty sure you will forget being in a traditional city due to the lake influence.

Istanbul club

Another distinction utility easy to reach as soon as leaving home, has a special soul of living, includes a wonderful fitness center with multiple choices, nutrition consultants, personal trainers, studio programs and exercise in groups, health spa includes a steam bath and massage, as well as swimming pools, tennis courts all of these activities managed by a qualified team. In addition to cafe and restaurants, and Corner shops


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