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Otakoy Towers

This project established on E-5 road main highway in Istanbul so you can reach the bus station and Subway in no time.

يقع المشروع في النقطة المركزية الجامعة لنواحي فلوريا و يشيلكوي و باقركوي.

The project is located in the central point of main aspects such as Florea, Ichelkwy and Bagherkoa.
وتبعد عن مطار أتاتورك بمسافة ركوب قطار المترو والنزول بعد محطتين أي بمسافة 1,5 كم.
Clearly, there are growing importance and great value of the investment in luxury living located along the road in between vital aspects like "TobkabaBagherkoa - Global Airport" that includes a lot of fancy housing projects, shopping malls in addition to projects of athletic and cultural nature. The towers are on one-minute distance of Yanee metro station in Osna

Project definition:

Number of buildings: 2 buildings one residential and the other is for commercial purposes, each one contains of 16 floors include 356 apartments.


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