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Expertise for Food Business signs

May 8, 2013
Dubai, UAE, 08/05/2013: The house consultancy for food business the leading food business industry and technology solution provider in the Region has signed a contract to develop Al Mallouhi for Agriculture specially development of Dates owned by by Suliman Al Mallouhi for investment Group.

The agreement is mutually signed by the Eng. Yousrey ElSharkawi CEO of House consultancy for food business and Suliman Al Mallouhi for investment the chairman of the group in Saudi Arabia UNISAH – AL Qassim with the presence of Abdul Aziz Al Zain General Manager of Dates Factory.

The joint marketing would open up potential markets, and with the signing of this contract, we believe that we will be able to achieve our objective far more effectively," concluded Suliman Al Mallouhi

Suleiman Malouhi Chairman Board of Directors declared that signing this agreement is in line with our strategy to activate our Group's role to promote and conserve Saudi dates regionally and globally

He also assured that Al Mallouhi for investment is keen to support the market of dates throughout cooperation with House consultancy in the future

He also said We are looking from this agreement to successfully to highlight the benefits of the locally produced dates, its quality & classified types, and its constant availability around the year, the House of Consultancy & Expertise for Food Business a UAE-based, multi-generational team, provides clients with a range of perspectives and comprehensive understanding of various demographics and market sectors. House of Consultancy creates customized public relations and integrated marketing campaigns that consistently exceed expectations.

"The fact that Al Mallouhi for investment decided to invest and to sign with us in Handling Equipment from us recognizes the significant value of our products and services," House of consultancy CEO

This contract is the result of a coordinated effort between different parts of our organization that aim to find the right solutions for our customers." House of consultancy CEO said This agreement aims to aggressively promote the saudi Dates brand in key markets in the region through our extensive network of partners and high-profile connections,"

Eng Eng Yousrey El sharkawi said "as we understand the dynamics of the technology market intersections and are poised to decisively help our clients create and capture value from new opportunities, We build unique solutions from intensive, timely, hands-on research in the areas of nutrition, dietary supplements, food ingredients, health states and commercial development. We focus our multi-disciplinary resources on developing insights that create and capture value and meet client goals and objectives.

Our aim is to provide our clients with a cost effective approach to strategic growth of their business to ensure the safety, reliability and highest quality of their products and services in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our commitment and exclusive focus is to support entire gamut of Food and agriculture business sector and sub-sectors in modernizing their services, processes and information, systems in a more and more interconnected world.

House of Consultancy is supported by an in-house team of technical specialists and external consultants offering a broad range of food safety sector skills including health policy and planning, sector financing, governance, gender, and capacity development.

Abdulaziz Al Zain General Manager General Manager of Dates Factory stated that the project scope of works and the primary objective of the agreement is to achieve self-reliance including: building an integrated database of dates and raising the quality, as well as raising the level of production techniques and manufacturing dates, and the exchange of experiences and information with the developed countries, and the other goals of the initiative to use marketing techniques Modern and unify the efforts of individual scattered to export Saudi Dates products, as well as raising the efficiency of production and rationalization of irrigation techniques and utilization of waste packaging and manufacturing and raise the efficiency of use of the product and focus on value-added Dates

He also commented: "This agreement manifests our strong belief in the expertise and competency of House of Consultancy to deliver the results that we require. In this highly critical market, the premium value offered by a highly reliable consultant is beyond measure, and AL MALLOUHI INVESTMENT trusts that House of Consultancy has the right tools to improve our business value in this specific region since that Al Mallouhi for Agriculture applied modern techniques in date sorting and production to elevate the quality level of SAUDI date and the assurance of its good reputation around the globe.

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