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H.O.C Business Consultant is one of the largest, specialized, and comprehensive consulting firms.

About us

H.O.C Business Consultant is one of the largest, specialized, and comprehensive consulting firms in the Middle East & GCC, providing integrated advisory services through a team of experts and multinational consultants. We have expertise in many fields to serve all the different investment sectors:

Food and catering, medical, industrial, investment agriculture and food security projects, contracting ,construction, real estate investment, water business, logistics and transport business, education and training sectors

We offer distinguished services to our customers through a wide network operating all over the world.
We endeavour to provide professional services by working together in collaboration with our strategic partners, and local and international experts, to deliver a record-breaking result for our clients.

Our Services

At H.O.C Business Consultant we start from where others have ended. We are the first to combine speciality with integration, to deliver the highest levels of service to our customers. Having been successful in doing this for many years, we would like to add you to our long list of delighted clients. Our consultants can help your business by developing the customer service skills, improving your human resources, customer relationship and quality control.

SME'S Sector

  • We provide professional solutions and services for financial institutions, the banking sector and SME'S. We strongly believe in the SM’S and we are well established in how to improve and develop such a businesses, both financially and in customer relations.

Hight Quality Training

  • We provide very intensive and high quality training to all banking and financial institutions. Corporate (Assets & Liabilities), risk management, market study, business development, credit, compliance, sales in both conventional and Islamic sectors.

Investment Advisory

  • We provide investment advice and execution through all the steps of investment.

Business/Collection Advisory

  • We provide advisory and execution in business/collection and finance restructuring, and problem solving.

SME'S customer Consultant

  • Provide full consultancy works to SME'S, helping customers to align with banking relationships.

Banks/financial institution

  • We may act as distributors/partners for any banking products/services through our trained and experienced business development and credit team.

Training to all banking and financial institutions fields

  • Corporate (Assets & Liabilities), risk management, market study, business development, money laundering, credit, compliance, sales in both conventional and Islamic sectors. We have the most professional trainer in the field.

Franchise services

  • Through our regional and international branches and network, we have potential opportunities to start up well-known franchises all over the world.

Human resources and management consulting

  • Preparation and development of organizational structures
  • Preparation and development of policies and procedures manuals
  • Preparation and development of the job description
  • Preparation and development of skills and systems performance measurement package
  • Preparation and development of internal regulations
  • Assess training needs for individuals and institutions

Strategic planning and study investment opportunities

  • The development of strategic plans and programs of action.
  • Investment Opportunities Study
  • Search for the provision of information and ideas for investment fund managers.
  • Study and interpret data from different sources, and understand the influences that might affect investment decisions.

Technical consultations, integrated feasibility studies, and supervision on implementation

  • Preparation development projects, technical and economic feasibility studies.
  • Implementation of evaluation studies, integrated diagnostic institutions and companies
  • We do not work only on the technical part, but we are there to ensure and supervise the implementation.
  • Stalled project evaluation, by plans to restructure and supervise the implementation.
  • Corporate restructuring.
  • Re-engineering productivity.
  • Supply chains and re-designed studies.

Marketing and sales Consulting

  • Develop marketing and sales strategy
  • Planning key markets to ensure the achievement of sales and profitability goals.
  • Develop integrated marketing and sales plans
  • Develop and implement propaganda and media plans and their implementation

Financial Consulting

  • Develop Procurement Systems
  • Develop and supervise the implementation of cost reduction programs
  • Contribute to solving the problems of tax
  • Recommending asset sales (investment companies liquidation), until preparation of Bank files

Rehabilitation of non-performing systems and establishments to the desired high quality level for accreditation

  • Study the internal environment for enterprises to find out the detailed reasons for tripping
  • Development of the required rehabilitation plans to raise the level.
  • Supervision and implementation of rehabilitation plans and regulations for submission to the desired high level of quality for accreditation

Training and Workshops

  • Preparation of training plans, programs and training budget
  • Organizing training courses "public" and "private"
  • Evaluation od "employees” to identify training needs
  • Evaluating training courses to see return of investment in development and training of staff.
  • Supervision, management and assistance in the preparation, establishment of training and qualification centre
  • Develop High Managerial training programs

Study the environmental impact of the various projects to predict the environmental effects of any activity.

  • predict the environmental effects of any activity and described.
  • Strategic environmental impact assessment and programs.
  • surrounding environment describe
  • Identify environmental impacts.
  • Alternatives analysis.
  • Mitigation management plan.
  • Follow-up plan (monitoring)

Formulate strategic policies of natural resources and their uses

  • Rewrite the strategic policies of natural resources for projects.
  • Develop plans to use available natural resources

Auditing and recordkeeping

  • Internal Auditing
  • Classification and recording digital data to maintain complete financial records.
  • Checking of procedures for access to preliminary financial data for use in maintaining accounting records.

Legal and commercial consulting

  • Risk assessments and providing business advice
  • Drafting and negotiation in a wide variety of contracts.
  • New company registration.
  • Company liquidation and integration.
  • Negotiate and prepare company agreements for all kinds of businesses, including those relating to partnership agreements.
  • The purchase and disposal of the stock, and joint ventures.

Quality management, auditing consulting, training services and rehabilitation for accreditation

  • Rehabilitation of companies and institutions to obtain international quality certificates.
  • Develop adjustment systems and quality control.
  • Introduce specialized skills for the application of different quality systems and also to create teams capable of checking on those systems.
  • Apply the best practices in reconciling the local systems and international standards.
  • achieve the desired value of the application of management systems, value-added measure, and investment result.

Acquisitions & Joint Venture

  • Find prospective proposals, market studies, feasibility studies, technical experts, business plans, projections

Team Work

We are working as one team to achieve the greatest achievements ....

We welcome you on behalf of H.O.C Business Consultant. We are working as one team to achieve the greatest success. We wish to offer you our services in the framework of professionalism, where our superiority is clear.

With our 300 years of accumulated experience, incredibly vast knowledge, meticulous planning and our massive vision, we can offer you a cutting edge package, tailored to the needs of your business.

د. يسرى الشرقاوى
Dr. Yousry El Sharkawy
Chief Executive
Chancellor and International expert in the fields of economy and investment

HOC have a unique combination of experts and consultants in many disciplines, of all business sectors, such as:

Our Projects


intensive business meetings in Riyadh with one of consulting international

7 July 2015
intensive business meetings in Riyadh with

Meeting the Advisory Committee with HOC to the preparations for the

7 May 2015
Meeting the Advisory Committee with HOC to the

meeting brought together Dr. Yousry El Sharkawy, CEO of HOC

7 May 2015
meeting brought together Dr. Yousry El Sharkawy, CEO of HOC

Yanbu Commercial Port

January 1, 2015
H.O.C Business Consultant experts during their visit to Yanbu Commercial Port, with an Official Reception from His Excellency...

HOC build relationship

November 13, 2013
HOC build relationship, economic and investment cooperation And Official Representative Office in Morocco...

Expertise for Food Business signs

May 8, 2013
The H.O.C Business Consultant for food business the leading food business industry and technology ....

Visit by delegation from the HOC to Tunisia

March 11, 2013
The business delegation from H.O.C Business Consultant for food business a leading name ...

HOC on a visit to South Africa's 9

February 14, 2013
The H.O.C Business Consultant for food business a leading name in providing expertise ...

Australia and Newzealand

November 20, 2012
The H.O.C Business Consultant for food business a leading name in providing expertise and consultancy...

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