Investment Consulting


Investment Consulting

Our professional team of consultant and management advisors are backed with decades of experience. We constantly strive to identify most suitable products and investment strategies to deliver solution aligned with the customer’s personalized financial goals.

We provide professional solutions and services for financial institutions, the banking sector and SME’S. We strongly believe in the SME’S Sector and we are well established in how to improve and develop such a businesses, both financially and in customer relations.

Our Investment consulting Include:


Investment Consulting

  • Study of investment opportunities
  • Franchising Services
  • Integrated services for acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Find prospective proposals, market studies, feasibility studies, technical experts, business plans, projections
  • The development of strategic plans and programs of action.
  • Search for the provision of information and ideas for investment fund managers.
  • Study and interpret data from different sources, and understand the influences that might affect investment decisions.

Business and collection consultancy

We provide investment advice and execution through all the steps of investment.

Our services include:

  • Business/Collection Advisory
  • Investment Advisory
  • SME’S customer Consultant
  • collection consultancy

Financial consulting, auditing and book keeping

  • Develop Procurement Systems
  • Develop and supervise the implementation of cost reduction programs
  • Contribute to solving the problems of tax
  • Recommending asset sales (investment companies liquidation), until preparation of Bank files
  • Internal Auditing
  • Classification and recording digital data to maintain complete financial records.
  • Checking of procedures for access to preliminary financial data for use in maintaining accounting record

Rehabilitation of facilities and systems quality level for accreditation

  • Quality level for accreditation
  • Study the internal environment for enterprises to find out the detailed reasons for tripping
  • Development of the required rehabilitation plans to raise the level.
  • Supervision and implementation of rehabilitation plans and regulations for submission to the desired high level of quality for accreditation

HOC Business Consultant

If you are looking for sound advice, Our team of advisors can help you.